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Last updated November 11, 2023

WHIT greatly appreciates if all paperwork and initial premium checks are submitted in one batch to:
Vimly Benefit Solutions
P.O. Box 6,
Mukilteo. WA 98275
Phone: 206-859-2688
Email: hwischler@vimly.com

All paperwork should be submitted PRIOR to the coverage month but no later than by the 5th of the coverage month. Any paperwork received after the 5th of the coverage month will be returned and no coverage will be placed. NOTE: Vimly Benefit Solutions transmit eligibility to Delta Dental and VSP on a weekly basis.

If your group is purchasing multiple converages, the premiums may be combined in one check payable to WHIT. However, please make sure that it is clear how much premium is applied to each coverage line.

WHIT Required Enrollment Information(all new applicants)

Delta Dental Required Enrollment Information

Willamette Dental Required Enrollment Information

VSP (Vision Service Plan) Required Enrollment Information

The Standard

To request benefit or rate information specific to your coverage or a copy of your current policy, please email Ashton Alvarez.

For all information regarding benefit levels, pricing or to request a quote, please contact Ashton Alvarez at DiMartino Associates 206-812-7535 (Seattle) 888-715-8000.

WHIT is an employer welfare benefit plan and serves hospitals and other health care related entities across the United States Pacific Northwest.

WHIT was established to provide unique and cost-effective employee benefit plans to its members. This continues to be the criteria we use when evaluating new products and/or carriers. The products in WHIT must provide something the hospitals and healthcare related groups cannot obtain on their own.

Public and private hospitals located in the Pacific Northwest are eligible for participation in the Trust, as well as other employers in the health care industry with a minimum of ten employees.

Employee benefits consultant DiMartino Associates and WHIT are happy to work with participating groups' benefits consultants and/or insurance brokers. Please have your representative contact us at 206-812-7535 (Seattle) 888-715-8000 or email us at WHIT for further information.